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than just guns but steve hayes joins us next on what the likely big changes are, that are coming. >>> and breaking news on the investigation into the 9/11 terror attack that killed four americans in benghazi. word just in that three, three staffers at the state department have just quit and one, viewers of this program, likely know very well. >>> an amazing follow-up to the story of a man who helped some of the youngest survivors of the newtown shooting. you don't want to miss the moment right after our interview when he got his wish, coming face-to-face with the grandparent of one of the children he helped. we have now been given permission to show you what happened. and we will. >> my desire is to have the parents call me and to reunite with these children and to read to them and to be with them and to love them and to let them know that i'll help them find the light because they were in the darkness. that's what my hope is. yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation.
activists on the ground say that situation is getting very ugly again. steve harrigan is live from cairo. reporter: megyn, these are some of the worst clashes that we have seen so far in the protest. in the past, it has been pleased battling the protesters. right now it is protester versus protester. those who support the government, and those who want power that are doing battle with each other. those in front of the presidential palace. again with pushing members of the muslim brotherhood, trying to tear down tents that were set up last night by anti-mohammed morsi protesters. gasoline bombs and two people have been killed. certainly the most violent thing we have seen so far. it is something that the government has tried to avoid, trying to keep the two sides apart after the anti-mohammed morsi wrote test last night. the muslim brotherhood posted on social media to clear out the protesters. so we really have one political party battling another civilian, versus civilian, right in front of the presidential palace. megyn: steve harrigan, thank you. images of the man's final moments aliv
think he's doing okay. [laughter] heather: our steve harrigan is live from palmetto bay where the marine has just arrived and, steve, no doubt a big celebration. >> reporter: heather, a real subdued atmosphere here right now. that four-month ordeal just ended 90 minutes ago. that's when the father, with john hammer, just raced up this driveway. there are some concerns about john hammer's physical condition. they did stop off at an emergency room enroute home from that mexico/texas border. he's suffering from dehydration, his father says he's having trouble standing up, but this will be the greatest christmas the family's ever had. >> reporter: must be a really tough time for you right now. tell us what you're feeling. >> no, this is great right now. i'm glad to be talking to you about that it's over with. because it's really over with. >> reporter: it's still really sinking in to the family this is finally over with. initially, they had a low-key approach to try and win his release. after that failed, though, they went more and more public, appearing on television and also pressing their
. >> that is steve mclane. he feels strong about this. he's an every day sit even seven twraoeug to pul trying to pull over a detroit police officer who is not wearing his seatbelt. he snapped when the officer laughed off his request, and the officer sped away. he wants the officers to follow the same rules. he could face three months in jail for reckless driving. the citizen cop has pleaded not guilty to the charge and he has no regrets about this incident. he is due back in court next week. there are new developments in a legal challenge for george zimmerman as he takes on nbc universal. zimmerman is charged in the killing of the teenager trayvon martin earlier this year. now he's suing the tv met work for airing an edited version of a 911 call from that night, an edit that zimmerman's attorney claims deceptively made zimmerman appear to be a quote, racist predatory villain. a lot of people saw this suit coming, trace. >> reporter: when this first broke and we got a copy of the call that george zimmerman made to police dispatch it was four minutes long. you had to make it clear that this was
yesterday. he is steve forsyth, a husband and father and owner of a portland marketing firm. this was absolute chaos yesterday. we do know now that the gunman went into the mall through the macy's store and then walked through the macy's armed with this gun, into the food court and began shooting at around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. most of the witnesses put the number of shots at 20 but some of the estimates have been as high as 60. that will all be sorted out by the cops. police say as you mentioned the suspect did not have any connection to the victims. so it looks like this was another horrible random act. the scene was one of panic and chaos. some people captured on cell phones as they fled the mall. as you mentioned roughly 10 to 12,000 people, shoppers, workers inside the mall, the height of the christmas season. this is what is sounded like on police scanners. >> have an active shooter? >> yeah, there is one person saying there's a man with a rifle in the food court and he is still shooting people. >> we're out here on foot and people are bailing out like crazy from e
but missed vital organs. 45-year-old steve forsyth was married and a father of two, he sold media ads and was running a kiosk in the mall, supposedly just for the holidays. 04-year-old cindy yulie was a nurse and trying to find a gift for her stepson. >> cindy was an amazing hospice nurse. she spent her life helping other people transition to the end of life. and cindy yulie's family never got to say good-bye. >> reporter: now, the mall is closed again today, it's going to reopen tomorrow at 9:00. there's also going to be a candlelight vigil here. megyn? megyn: dan, thank you. >>> well, coming up, we are going to be joined by a former navy seal who says three things kept the death toll at that mall from being much higher. he'll explain what those are and what everyone should know about these kinds of situations and what you can do to minimize your chances of being caught in the crossfire. >>> plus, uproar in virginia over regulating water! and concerns that some new epa rules could end up costing people their homes. >>> yeah. imagine reasoning to this all day. -- listening to this all
tells fox news that her son is said to be released today. steve harrigan is live with more. reporter: the pool for jon hammar and his family and friends is to try to come home by christmas. now, it appears that they may achieve their goal. we heard from his mother and father. his attorney and also his congresswoman. they all expect him to be free sometime this afternoon. >> i just say amen and hallelujah. this is a wonderful early christmas present not just for that the hammar family, but for our community. reporter: we are expecting to get word as soon as he crosses the border onto the u.s. side. his father has left florida this morning to meet him on the u.s. side of the border. the family has always said that jon hammar was arrested, taken to a notorious mexican prison, where 40 time for a time he was actually chained to a bed and his family received calls for extortion, threatening to kill him unless he paid out. the family has mounted a very public campaign for his release. two congressmen were prepared to call for a u.s. boycott. his father, john senior says the drive home to f
in georgia. megyn: steve harrigan. thank you. right after this break. one of the people who helped the youngest survivors in moment after the sandy hook attack. gene rosen discovered a group of students neatly sitting in a semi circle at the bottom of his driveway near the sandy hook elementary school. it wasn't until he brought them inside comforting them with stuffed animals and juice that he discovered what they had been through. a man tries to execute a citizen's arrest and now he's facing jail time. >> you are require bid law to wear your seat belt. put your dam seat belt on. pull it over. pull your vehicle over. you understand? right now. >> hot hell do you think you are. pull over. megyn: we're hearing new stories of strength and resilliance after the tragedy in newtown. he one man says if there is any strength it lies in the brave students that survived that day. last friday morning gene rosen discovered a group of students in his driveway near the sandy hook elementary school. not until he brought them inside giving them stuffed an mass and juice until he learned exactly w
sure how the numbers end up, the last thing we need is a rescission. >> reporter: steve vin dinin in washington. thank you. >> reporter: new information on a horrified christmas eve tragedy as a note left by this ex-con suggests that he planned to kill first responders and possibly some of his own neighbors when he set this massive inferno, it happened on monday, after that before shooting two firefighters who arrived at the scene to help. trace gallagher live from our west coast newsroom with more on this disturbing story. trace. >> reporter: police say that note from 62-year-old william spengler was three pages, five written, and it did not offer a motive as to why he pulled off the ambush, but it did layout in very evil and lee clear terms exactly what his intent was. it reads in part quoting here, i still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood i can burn down and do what i like doing best, killing people. police say he was equipped to go to worst with a multi-million tear re-style rifle, a revolver, a shotgun. they found a large number of rounds inside the house
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)